Academic Performance

  At Schuster, we envision our students as mathematical thinkers; able to communicate their knowledge of mathematics, to appreciate the beauty of mathematics, and prepared for all challenges of life beyond elementary, middle, or high school.  We believe students must understand that mathematics transcends daily classroom lessons and can be seen in all aspects of life.  We want our students to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics; and to assure this, we provide assistance through differentiated small group instruction and extended learning opportunities.  Our students are encouraged to apply their mathematical skills outside the classroom through technology, community service projects, academic nights, and even our annual Schuster Chili Cook-Off.  Our goal is to send each student to the next level of their life or academic career fully prepared to achieve success.



Reading and Writing are very important skills in all areas of education and life.  We are working hard at Schuster to provide our students with a very positive learning environment when working on our reading and writing skills. We are constantly assessing our student’s progress on a regular basis to determine their growth and needs.  We have provided tutoring during and after school to help support them. It is extremely important that parents practice reading and writing with their children at home.  Students need to continuously practice to increase these skills  in order to keep up with the future.