Who we are:      Helping young families break the cycle of poverty Early Childhood Development *Parenting *Adult Literacy.

AVANCE Began in El Paso at Burleson Elementary School in 1997.  AVANCE has grown to fifteen (15)  sites throughout the El Paso County.

AVANCE parents and their children from birth to four (4) years old attend one of the school sites together one to four (1-4)  days per week over nine months.

AVANCE parents read books to their children approximately three to five (3-5) times a week beginning from the time they are babies. In addition parents make toys for their children out of simple household objects and use everyday items.  This teaches children through play to meet the four basic needs of all children. AVANCE parents also have the opportunity to volunteer in the schools and community at an average of three to five (3-5) hours monthly.  Parents may enroll in ESL and GED classes  fifteen (15)  hours per week or more to continue their own education to prepare for college or to have the ability to see for employment.

What we do:       AVANCE prepares children for success by educating parents to be their children's first and most enduring teachers. 

 For Information Contact: Gloria Martinez @ (915) 274-3746